Fashion Record

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fatboye Group

Fatboye Group is a new pop up boutique store st in Sydney's Arthouse Hotel. Started by Kristina Iantchev, Jane Lu and Nikki Grace, Fatboye Group features fashion, furniture, books, art and jewellery from emerging Australian designers,  and other creatives.

Emerging designers and labels featured at Fatboye include Brent Zaicek (Project Runway finalist), Slap the Goon, i am, Atat by Atlanta Reade, Donnie Bishop, jewellery from Coco Liberace, Flipsters, Departure Lounge, artists such as Alice Ju, kaftans from Mayafire, photography by Matthew Lees, leather bound books and journals by Boheme Art + Design, and handmade bow ties from Le Noeud Papillon.

Fatboye Group also supports the 'Carpets for Communities', a charity that offers education for at-risk children in third world communities  by empowering their mothers to produce eco/fairtrade products that are sold globally.

Fatboye Group opens in the Arthouse Hotel 275 Pitt St, Sydney on Wednesdays 10am - 7pm and Saturdays 10am - 4pm.

Fatboye Group