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Monday, January 08, 2007

Mimco - One Day in Paris

As part of Mimco's 10 year birthday this year, Mimco created the 'One Day in Paris' catalogue. The concept was to spend a day around Paris, approach people on the street that represented the Mimco spirit. Each person would be photographed there with Mimco gear. About 30 people were photographed. The beautiful result is produced as a newsprint colour newspaper, available from Mimco stores. There is a quick feature of it online at the Mimco site, under the Word/Essence section.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Street Magazine at Incu

Had a quick look through Incu (in the Galleries Victoria, Sydney), and came across a fashion magazine called Street. The same Japanese magazine group also puts out Fruits and Tune magazine. Each magazine has its own angle on street fashion. You can check out online versions of each magazine here.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Flights of Fashion

The Sydney Morning Herald asked a range of fashion designers to share their highs and lows for 2006, and some of their new year resolutions. Australian designers like Lisa Ho, Leona Edminston and Akira Isogawa were asked qu. like what they considered was the biggest fashion faux pas by a public figure(Even Condoleeza Rice is fair game), or what fashion items they will be 'sacrificing to the silverfish' in 2007 (cloud print pyjamas and Gucci loafers are on the list). Read the results here.

20/20 Magazine

20/20 Magazine reports on the optical industry - technology, fashion, trends and innovations.20/20 Magazine has an online presence with with a range of archived articles. ( You can check out new eyewear fashions, previews of new technology and even tips about choosing your next pair.