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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Design Boom Mart Sydney 2008

Design Boom marquee outside
Design Boom inside Marquee
Art By Auction
Design Boom mart was held from 14-17th August 2008 as part of Sydney's 12th International Design Festival. The Mart was held the level 3 forecourt of the Powerhouse Museum on Harris Street, Sydney. The mart was in the form of a bazaar, with around 30 designers from around the world selling their design originals.

Designers included: Luna Seo (Korea), Idealist Design (Pakinee Rattana, Krisana Sureepong, Thailand), Studio Bo (Chaiyapruk Tongcham, Panatda Manurasda, Thailand), Wacco (Wacco Kita, Japan)and Hee Hyoung Jo (Korea), Nervous System (Jessica Rosenkrantz, Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, USA).

Also featured was the 'Art by Auction' in the Courtyard on Level 2 - graffiti artists creating designs on cardboard for sale by donation, or by auction.

Design Boom
Luna Seo
Idealist Thailand
Studio Bo
Hee Hyong Jo
Nervous System