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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Florence Broadhurst - Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives

The enigmatic Florence Broadhurst(1899-1977) has had a lot more press in recent times. Theres been a revival of her work by international designers, a retrospective of her work at the Powerhouse Museum, a movie of her by Gillian Armstrong ('Unfolding Florence: The colourful life of Florence Broadhurst', in 2006), and her latest (authorised) biography, 'Florence Broadhurst - Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives', by Helen O'Neil.

Her early life began with a career as a singer and then in the arts, taking her to Asia and in turn, England. She made her mark back in Australia with dazzling designs in the areas of fashion, interior design and graphic design. She was also known as a notable socialite in Sydney high society.

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