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Monday, November 26, 2007

First Magazine - Spring/Summer 2007

Picked up the latest First magazine from Hype DC shoes the other day. Highlights this issue include: Stella McCartney (for Adidas), Dashenka (artist),Christophe Lemaire (Lacoste creative director), and the Purple Sneakers party at the Abercrombie Hotel (every Friday night from 7pm), and as always, a preview of the huge range of short run, limited edition shoes on offer at Hype DC.

As always you can look for a copy of First yourself at a Hype DC store, or go online to the Hype DC site and have a look.

Hype DC

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

First Magazine

First magazine is the instore magazine of Hype DC, who have the aim of offering 'edgier street wear' footwear styles for 'fashion initiators'. Each issue features information on the models and brands available instore, and even something on the designers too. The Autumn/Winter 07 edition features Yashiro Mihara, a Tokyo based streetwear and footwear designer who has designed some 'Miharas' for Puma, Kill Pixie, graffiti artist, and French based artist Fafi, who has customised some Adidas gear with her signature sexy 'girly art'. You can pick up a First Magazine at Hype DC stores, or view the current First magazine online.

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