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Monday, October 27, 2008

Limedrop - Snakes and Ladders

He - Happy Days Vibrant Blue Cotton Reece Cardigan, Twin Cobras White Classic Crew t-shirt, Snakes-n-Ladders printed Vibrant Blue Long Tights She - Yellow ivy Cotton Silk Blouse, White Coated Linen Look Culottes and Cherrywood Ribbon Bow Necklace
Black Blue Floral Cotton Voile Twisted Dress and Black Gold Sinkng Boat Necklace
Clockwise - Doily Necklace, Rocket Ship Necklace, Two Carat Necklace, Ribbon Bow Necklace
"Snakes and Ladders" is Limedrop's Spring Summer 09 collection created by the label's designers Nathan Price and Clea Garrick.
The collection (Limedrop's fifth) offers the Limedrop aesthetic - clean lines and unique play on colour. Snakes and Ladders takes you back to childhood games and family holidays, with energetic blue, canary yellow and stripes, key to the yachting reference. Metallics coated linen, plasticised lycras and floral prints also feature in the collection.

The collection includes wooden jewellery accessories, originally created as a set of hanging mobiles designed for an exhibition at Milly Sleeping during the 2007 L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Some of the spare hanging pendants were made into necklaces and proved so popular that Limedrop has now developed it as a new line. The line also features metallic finishes and pop-out earrings.

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