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Saturday, September 15, 2007

At Shirty 07, Newtown

Arriving at Shirty 07, T-shirt fans were welcomed outside with a big SALE sign and a bright yellow line of tape on the floor to lead them through Newtown Town Hall. They arrived upstairs to a room full of original t-shirt designs, a bar(built from green milk crates) and a DJ. One of the first stalls was a gallery with a t-shirt from each stallholder.

Shirty 07

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Flaunt It - Newtown Fashion Week(end)

Fashion stores around Newtown are part of Newtown Fashion Week(end), happening in May. Fashion Week(end) happens on 3 days:
Saturday 19 May (10am-5pm) will offer In-store specials, discounts, activities; Fashion frivolity in Newtown Sq(mini-makeovers, performers, music and more); Catwalk parades at Marlborough Hotel 12.30pm, 2,00pm, 3.30pm.
There are 3 evening events: Lunarmorph on Friday 18 May (7-10pm) $20, The Fitting Room on Saturday 19 May (9pm-midnight), $10, and Finale Wednesday 23 May (7.30pm-late) - Free.
Flaunt It is presented by Marrickville Countcil and Newtown South Main Street.For more information on all the goings-on at Flaunt It, have a look at the Marrickville Council site.

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