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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Infusion D'Homme Short Movie Project

Nine up-and-coming directors from around the world were commissioned to create a series of short films, as part of Prada's launch of their new Infusion D'Homme perfume. The directors were simply asked to "challenge the idea of a perfume for man; to produce visionary content".

The list of short movies and their directors are: Work in Progress (Juan Ingazio Aluz, Argentina), Evolution(Guga, Brazil), The Jump (Nelson Navarro, Cuba), To Myself (Cryril Guyot, France), Mesmerizing (Haresh Sharma & Girjesh Choudhary, India), La Scia (Edoardo Lugari, Italy), Ping Pong. Paul & Mary (Hyuk-Jae Kwon,Korea), Spring Rain (Beng, Spain) and Syncratic (Michael Merryman, USA)

Pietro Scalia, two-time Oscar winning film editor has edited the 9 films to create a single vision for the Infusion D'Homme perfume.

You can view all 9 short films and Pietro Scalia's single vision "Alchemy" on the Prada website at (navigate to Fragrance - Infusion D'Homme - Video)



Saturday, May 31, 2008

Haute couture heads East

An SMH article about the surge in wealth in China its equivalent surge in its luxury goods market. But it isn't just a matter of luxury good makers turning up - there are challenges to establish a presence in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and beyond. Haute Couture-Heads East

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