Fashion Record

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cards by Roger La Borde

I first noticed Roger la Borde when I saw cards from their 'Haute Couture' range (by Paula Sanz). As it turns out, Roger la Borde has worked with a range of beloved authors and graphic designers, showcasing their work in cards and gifts.

The site is divided into 4 product areas: (1)Roger la Borde, (2)Idee Fixe (3)First Press and (4)Petit la Borde. Amongst all that, you will see work from the likes of Shag, David Bray(Crowded House), and images from books like 'The Secret Fairy', 'Charlie and Lola' - you'll even see the Pink Panther. For a closer look at whats on offer, check out Roger la Borde