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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Safari Lee Jewellery

Safari Lee is an artist and jeweller based in inner Sydney. Her pieces are crafted from precious metals, rich enamel and gemstones.Safari currently has five collections, inspired from a range of themes.

Her collections include: "Iconic" (solid Sterling Silver and solid 18 carat Gold), "Tattitude" (Designs to remind you of the tattoos on your Grandpa's arm - rich enamel, precious gemstones and 18ct yellow gold in colourful arrays) and "Classic Motor" (Pendants inspired by Vintage motor shapes like Vespas and Triumph bikes).

You can buy Safari Lee pieces at: Gallery Adagio - Glebe, NSW (02 9552 2833) and Pablo Fanque - Paddington, NSW (02 9357 4887) or on Safari Lee's online store at

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