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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Haute couture heads East

An SMH article about the surge in wealth in China its equivalent surge in its luxury goods market. But it isn't just a matter of luxury good makers turning up - there are challenges to establish a presence in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and beyond. Haute Couture-Heads East

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wallpaper* and Hedi Slimane

Wallpaper October 2007
Finally got hold of the October 2007 Wallpaper* with the Hedi Slimane cover. This issue of Wallpaper* is '3 guest editors 3 covers Dieter Rams, Hedi Slimane, Jeff Koons Plus 350 pages of the normal stuff'

Slimane has also created 'pin-ups' - 20 black and white posters. Pin-up 1-10 or 11-20 is enclosed with the magazine, depending on which version of this issue you get.

Other highlights of Wallpaper* Oct 07 include: BMW Welt(BMW World) in Munich, Sir Basil Spence's British Embassy in Rome, homes of artists and architects, and of course, profiles on each guest editor: Slimane is interviewed by artist Thomas Demand, Rams is interviewed by industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa and Koons is interviewed by fashion designer Stella McCartney.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

First Magazine - Spring/Summer 2007

Picked up the latest First magazine from Hype DC shoes the other day. Highlights this issue include: Stella McCartney (for Adidas), Dashenka (artist),Christophe Lemaire (Lacoste creative director), and the Purple Sneakers party at the Abercrombie Hotel (every Friday night from 7pm), and as always, a preview of the huge range of short run, limited edition shoes on offer at Hype DC.

As always you can look for a copy of First yourself at a Hype DC store, or go online to the Hype DC site and have a look.

Hype DC

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stella McCartney's Collection for Target - Available on Monday

Not long to go before Stella McCartney's collection for Target Australia will be available in Target stores around Australia (March 12). There is some speculation about what its going to be like at Target on Monday morning. To have a look at the collection, go to Designers For Target. For more info about what you might expect at Target on Monday, check the SMH online.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Stella McCartney for Target Australia

Fashion designer Stella McCartney has struck a deal to create a 42 piece collection for Target Australia. The range will be unveiled at the 2007 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, and available for sale in March. Read the full article here

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