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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eastern Market Fashion Boutique

Lucinda Pinto, who previously controlled the Ipanema, Cose and Issey Miyake fashion businesses in Melbourne, has started Eastern Market - a new retail concept stocking high end designerwear for men and women. Eastern Market opened in a converted chapel in Gratton Street, Carlton in September 06.

Labels include: Carpe Diem, Carol Christian Poell, If Six Was Nine, Casey-Vidalenc, Volga Volga by Micha Panteleev, Christian Peau, Sara Lanzi, Label Under Construction, M.A+, Augusta by Simone Cecchetto, Motoike Leather Art, Ugo Cacciatori, Chrome Hearts, Eyewitness, Werkstatt Muenchen and more.

For more information on Eastern Market, have a look at Visit Victoria.

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